I rarely ever listen to any homegrown artists, but when I do, it’s definitely a mix of some Badshah beats and some soulful Ananya Birla tunes. While Hold On and Livin’ The Life are great songs to listen to, no matter the mood or vibe, my latest obsession is with Ananya’s experimental and off-beat style.

While scrolling through her feed, I spotted a couple of looks that were very out-there but also, very put together. Her sense of style isn’t something every girl will resonate to, but it’s definitely something that will aspire and inspire them.

1. Like a true fashionista, she knows how trendy metallics are.

2. Each outfit is so interestingly styled that you wonder where she draws her inspo from.

3. Laid-back in plaid seems to be the look she was going for—and nailed it.

4. How else would you wear the animal trend but to wear it from head-to-toe, right?

5. No matter the vibe and look, she always keeps it high-fashion.

6. She makes oversized looked not-so-overrated.

8. Taking the animal trend to the next level by clashing prints in an oh-so-stylish way.

9. ‘Florals for spring’ just got an edgy upgrade.

10. Giving off some major ‘Jenny from the block‘ vibes with this look.

11. Sporting the most talked-about and Instagram-ed shoes like a bawse!

12. This Wonder Woman-esque colour-coordinated look says it all.

Basically, we want her sense of style and of course, vocal cords!

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