5 Foolproof Ways To Make Your Blow-Dry Last Longer

Natasha Patel , 15 Mar 2019
Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

If there’s one thing I love more than racking up a great Zara cart, it’s getting a blow-out. I have curly and frizzy hair which isn’t what I wanted but it’s what my mama gave me. So, I make the most of my densely floofed hair and get a blow-dry at least once a week. While I can blow-dry my hair at home, it’s those 45 minutes of serenity and peace I spend in that salon chair that gives me true happiness.

And if like me, you too, want to keep that happy and confident feeling for a couple of days, here’s what you need to know on how you can extend your blow-dry:

1. Don’t Touch The Hair

There’s moisture in your palms, even if you can’t feel it. And a good blow-out needs to stay away from a humid and damp environment. So, make a conscious effort to stop fiddling or touching your hair especially when you’re out and about.

2. Skip The HIIT Class

Another way to keep your blow-dry intact is to skip the gym or any kind of sweaty activity. Instead, opt for a pilates or yoga class that works the body, but keeps the sweating to a minimum.

3. Invest In The Goods

Two words, dry shampoo. Own it, use it and be amazed by its power. Most times a blowout falls flat on the second or third day (depending on your natural hair) due to the build-up of oils at the scalp. Dry shampoo is great for absorbing the oils from your scalp and hair, making it look fresh and new.

Wella Professionals Dry Me Dry Shampoo
MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo for Dark Tones
Batiste Dry Instant Hair Refresh

4. Snooze The Right Way

The way you sleep can affect your hair and texture. Invest in silk pillowcases to reduce any damage and possible frizz.

SLIP White Pillowcase
Dame Essentials Silk Pillowcase

5. Handle With Accessories

We all like a firm and tight ponytail, but the dents that arise after aren’t so pretty. Try using silk scrunchies and wide-tooth claw clips to maximise your blow-out.

SLIP Skinnies Scrunchies
Antique Curved Hair Claw
Spiral Hair Set Scrunchies
Dame Essentials Silk Hair Ties

Do you have any tips or trick that make your blow-dry last longer? Comment below and share it with me!

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