Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman Just Became The First Indian Woman To Host A Late-Night Show In America

Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman Just Became The First Indian Woman To Host A Late-Night Show In America

Alisha Fernandes

Nowadays, most mornings you’re greeted by the worst headlines—shootouts in Christchurch, bridges collapsing in Mumbai and all sorts of actual and metaphorical walls being built. But then, sometimes, you wake to read joyful things like the fact that Lilly Singh, our very own Superwoman just announced the fact that she is going to be replacing Carson Daly on NBC’s late-night show that ran for 17 years, called Last Call with Carson Daly.

Yes, we at MMHQ are super fans of this brilliant woman in any case but allow me to give you more info to explain how big a deal this actually is.

  1. Did we mention that Carson’s show ran for 17 years. The fact that NBC saw Lilly as the right person to pass the torch to is an achievement in itself.
  2. She is the first Indian-origin woman to have this opportunity to host a late-night show on a US network
  3. She started off as a YouTuber and only to a break from the platform in November this year to focus on her mental health and is onto bigger things already.
  4. The show, titled A Little Late with Lilly Singh, will go on air after Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show and Seth MeyersLate Night, on week nights starting from September 2019. These guys are huge and to be in the company of these hilariously funny bigwigs is HUGE.
  5. She was welcomed to the NBC family by both these dudes because she made the announcement on The Tonight Show where she was surprised by Seth Meyers. How cool is that?
  6. With this news, Lilly Singh becomes the only woman in the world to host a late-night show on a big network.
  7. Not only will she be hosting, but she will be the executive producer as well.

A Little Late will be a half an hour long show and will have comedy sketches as well as interviews with celebs and such!

Finally, we just want to say, it’s wonderful that she’s worked so damn hard and achieved this dream which she even put out into the universe in a 2011 tweet! Just goes to show that wishes can come true, huh?

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