Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the goofiest power couple we’ve had in B-town so far. Their social media banter on each other’s pictures and their public appearances are proof of this. They’re so in-love and super supportive of each other. Recently, the couple flew to London to unveil Deepika’s wax statue in Madame Tussauds with both their parents accompanying them. You might have seen how realistic DP’s wax figure looks and Ranveer seems to have thought so too. Ranveer even asked Deepika whether he should raid Madame Tussauds and take the wax statue home. To which Deepika replied that he can come see her when he’s missing her while he’s shooting for ’83 in London. Fair point, we’d say.

While Deepika took to post pictures from the day of the unveiling itself, Ranveer posted pictures from the event yesterday. He put up a picture of his wife and her wax counterpart, then a family picture of the Bhavnanis and the Padukones with the wax figure and at last a picture of him kissing the wax figure. He captioned the same saying, Deepika 2.0 but he has the original one.

Check it out:

Adorable, doesn’t cover it. Ranveer has evolved from the best boyfriend to the best husband and we love it!

After he posted these pictures, Deepika reminded him to come and visit her if he misses her when he’s in London.

Take a look:

Deepika Padukone's comment (Source: Instagram | @ranveersingh)
Deepika Padukone’s comment (Source: Instagram | @ranveersingh)

 What’s more? Even Arjun Kapoor joined in on the comments as he always does. While he ignored the lovey dovey-ness of the whole situation, he pointed out just how badass Ranveer’s dad looked in the picture.

Check it out:

Arjun Kapoor's comment (Source: Instagram | @ranveersingh)
Arjun Kapoor’s comment (Source: Instagram | @ranveersingh)

Arjun is that friend that all of us need in our lives.

Either way, #DeepVeer always give us such #CoupleGoals.