10 Legend… Wait For It… Dary Moments From How I Met Your Mother We’ll Never Get Over

10 Legend… Wait For It… Dary Moments From How I Met Your Mother We’ll Never Get Over

Karishma Govil

There are some TV Shows, movies and songs that have helped define and shape our childhood and teenage life. We literally cannot imagine growing up without some of them. Whether it’s cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory or Captain Planet, movies like Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, or TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., we can’t get over them even today.

One show, however, we loved in our early adult life was How I Met Your Mother. We loved the insane theories Barney Stinson would invent, the romance that Ted Mosby had with most of his girlfriends, Robin’s career and of course, Lily & Marshal‘s too-good-to-be-true relationship we all idolised. Today, we’ve picked the best moments of HIMYM that we thought defined the show in a nutshell. Here they are!

1. Legend… Wait for it… Dary

We can never get over Barney’s ultimate catchphrase-Legend… Wait for it… Dary!

2. The Slap Bet

The one extremely funny moment of the show was when Barney loses the slap bet to Marshal and is really scared for many seasons of getting slapped.

3. The blue French horn

The blue French horn was one of the most iconic parts of the show. It was the time when Ted met and instantly fell in love with Robin and expressed it by stealing a blue French horn from a restaurant they went to. He later ruins it by telling her he loves her on the first date.

3. When Lily forgives her father

Lily has been mad at her father for many seasons because of his disregard toward Lily and her future. She finally makes things right thanks to Marshal on Thanksgiving one year.

4. Stella‘s two-minute date

Most woman would love to date this romantic. Stella was busy one day and told Ted that she had only two minutes to talk. In those two minutes, he designed an entire date that was not only romantic but also unique.

5. When Barney proposes

Barney pretends to be dating Patrice and plants the final page of his Playbook under the mistletoe at Robin’s favourite spot in the city. She reaches out for the page and realises that they are steps to proposing to Robin with the 16th step reading “Hope she says yes.” And she does!

6. When Ted makes a big gesture

Robin finds out that she can never have children and she thinks about talking to her friends about it but knows how they’d all react. So, instead, she lies to them and says that she’s sad because she can never be a pole vaulter because she’s too tall. Ted doesn’t ask her why he’s upset but instead, puts on a Symphony Of Lights for her and tells her that he’ll never stop cheering her up.

7. All their interventions

The entire show has a number of interventions that all of them hold for each other. It starts with Stuart’s drinking problem, then Marshal to take off his hat, there was one for Ted to call off his engagement with Stella and so on.

8. When the crew finds out about Robin Sparkles

One of the funniest revelations on the show was Robin being a Canadian pop singer in her teenage years. The gang has a field day when they realise just how stereotypical she was.

9. When Ted meets ‘The Mother’

One of the most epic moments on the show was of Ted finally meeting the ‘mother’. It was a bunch of coincidences during the many seasons that finally make sense at this moment for instance, the yellow umbrella he owned that originally belonged to ‘The mother’, Tracy McConnell.

10. When Ted proposes to ‘The Mother’

Ted takes her to a beautiful lighthouse where she says that she’s not sure what could make the moment any better and at that point, Ted goes down on his one knee and proposes and she immediately accepts!

These moments were extremely iconic and we hate that the show had to end. What do you think was the best moment on the show? Tell us in the comments below.

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