How To: Control The Urge To Pee In Public

How To: Control The Urge To Pee In Public

Suruchi Patwary

We’ve all been in awkward situations where we wished we could just teleport ourselves out of it in a finger snap, no? But the worst of them all is when you really, really need to pee but there is no place to go for a quick leak. It could happen on a road trip or in your office when the restroom already has a full waiting list. Such times could put you in an awkward position, just thinking about how embarrassing it would be if you had a mishap. Well, worry not. We found some of the best tricks on how to control the urge to pee in such tricky situations. Read on to find out!

1. Keep Warm

If you must have observed, you pee more during winters. Also, holding your pee in colder environments becomes comparatively difficult than being in a warm environment. So, if you’re in a rather cold room while struggling to hold your pee, it would be easier if you leave that room and just wait in a warmer spot. Other ways you can warm yourself is by covering yourself up with blankets and sheets or even curling your body close together. The scientific reason for this is the phenomenon called ‘cold diuresis’, which basically says being exposed to cold can cause the urge to urinate.

2. No Liquids

Remember the saying out of sight, out of mind? This logic really works when it comes to holding pee in public and having a lot of liquids around. Even looking at liquids can remind you that you need to take a leak. You can try this for yourself by watching a waterfall video or just looking at water the next time you want to pee badly. Also, this is a no-brainer but avoid drinking liquids at such times, okay?

3. Don’t Shake Or Move Too Much

Have you ever been in a bumpy ride while trying to control your bladder? If your answer is yes, then you know how tough it gets when your body is shaking or experiencing sudden jerks. That’s because such movements trigger your bladder, thus making the situation worse. Try to maintain a comfortable position.

4. Distract Yourself

The more you think about how badly you need to pee, the harder it can get for you to control. Instead, try and distract yourself by either reading a book, watching videos or just engaging in conversation. This will help your mind forget about your “bladder situation” for a while and help you relax a bit.

5. Try Shifting Positions

Most of the times, sitting or standing with crossed legs can help you control the urge to pee. But if it doesn’t, try shifting your positions slowly to see what makes your bladder feel calmer.

6. No Pressure On The Abdomen

Slouching in such situations is a bad idea as it puts pressure on your abdomen. And TBH, that is the last thing you’d want to do to yourself in such type of situations. Relax your abdomen at such times to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself.

While these are just temporary ways to control your urge to pee, you need to remind yourself that turning this into a habit can cause you a lot of health issues. Holding your pee should be your last resort if you’re stuck in a situation where it is impossible for you to take a leak.

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