It is not every day that we spot celebrities unless you are an entertainment photographer. So we understand the excitement to click a photo of them or get a selfie with the stars. But what we also need to understand is if they are okay with you clicking them. Yesterday, being Hiroo Johar‘s birthday, her friends, including Jaya Bachchan, got together to celebrate it.

The paparazzi knew about this and were already waiting for the celebs outside Hakkasan, Bandra. When Jaya ji stepped out, the photographers started clicking her photos. Along with the photographers, there were also some commoners who were excited to see her and clicked her photos from their phone. Seeing this, the actress got very upset and scolded them.

Mobile se kyun le rahe ho? Mujhse pucha aapne? Tameez seekho. (Why are you taking photographs with a mobile? Did you ask for my permission? Learn some manners),” she told one person. When she saw yet another man clicking photos from his phone, she yelled at him too. When he said “sorry,” she replied to him saying, “Sorry, Angrezi mein bas itna hi seekha hai? (‘Sorry’, is that all the English you know?).”

Watch the video below:

We all know that the paps are also afraid of Jaya ji. When Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan Nanda had made an appearance on Koffee With Karan, they had revealed why their mother doesn’t like getting papped. “She gets very claustrophobic when there are too many people around her. She also doesn’t like it when people take her pictures without asking her. She comes from that school of thought,” Shweta had shared.