I honestly believe that cooking is also a form of art—it requires serious skills and talent to cook up a new kind of dish often that tastes good. The dish you cook not only has to look good on a plate but also taste smashing for it to be a success, cause let’s be honest, would you eat something that doesn’t look appetising?

Now, I’m not saying that only a selected few can cook up a good meal, because it all depends on the recipe you follow. However, selecting a good recipe also could be quite a task, no? There are so many cookbooks, websites and YouTube channels to choose a recipe from and that itself could get pretty overwhelming. It gets pretty tough to look up new dishes every day so that you make sure it doesn’t get monotonous. I legit get bored of the same old bhaji, roti and dal chawal almost daily so I try and follow different Instagram accounts for recipe inspo. I’ve listed down a few of my favourite accounts that will make your life easier if you struggle with cooking new dishes every day. So, let’s begin!

1. @slurrpilicious

2. @RamenHairedGirl

3. @Nisahomey

4. YumCurry88

5. @TarlaDalal

6. @DineDeliciousFood

7. @ArchanasKitchen

8. @Keto.tips

9. @CooktubeIndia

10. @HomeCookingShow

These accounts make cooking look so easy, right? Believe me, I’ve tried some of these recipes out and they’re legit that simple to cook up. So, the next time you frantically look for a new recipe to cook in your kitchen, head to these accounts for quick and easy ones. Tell me which account is your favourite in the comments below.

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