Amongst all the shows doing the rounds these days, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, currently in its second season, is our favourite one. It’s not only progressive but also has a mature and refreshing outlook on modern day relations, unlike other shows in the same genre.

In our tête-à-tête with the show’s leading ladies, Gurdip Kohli and Mona Singh, they told us about the changes they hope to bring about with their characters – Poonam and Ananya. More often than not, the current mindset invariably holds the ‘other woman’ responsible for a broken marriage. What about the man in this scenario?

We got Ronit Roy to give a male’s perspective of the show and why it’s important for men also to accept and acknowledge social reforms. Why is a liberated and emancipated woman looked at differently? Why do men still prefer a more submissive woman as their wife?

When Rohit, portrayed by Ronit, left Poonam to marry Ananya, the show reaches a crossroad where the most important question is – Will the heart ever be happy with what it has? We asked Ronit what he thinks of his character’s decision and the struggles he is facing in his second marriage – despite everything happening out of his choice.

Should Rohit have waited slightly longer before taking the leap? He said:

See, it’s not about waiting. When Ananya was his girlfriend, they used to spend some time together and that was it. But when they got married, the woman started feeling that she had lost her identity. The change was difficult for Ananya too, not just Rohit. While one woman (Poonam) lost her husband, the other woman (Ananya) was afraid to lose what defines her, primarily her work.

Being in love with Ananya and being married to her are vastly different from each other. A majority of Indian women still find it difficult to be in a relationship with an emancipated and independent woman.

Does Ronit feel his character will bring about a change?

I hope so. A relationship requires a lot of care and support. The entire point of a marriage is that you want to spend the rest of your life with a certain someone. Love means that you understand and respect that person and his/her identity. So if two people are coming together to become one, they need to be on the same level and communicate with each other.

We also asked Ronit what according to him, will be a good reason for men to watch the show. To put it simply, it’s a good show to watch, he said.

It’s different from the usual stuff and it’s very real. The storyline is not from the past, not from the future, it’s today.

Does playing such complex characters become easier if you share a good rapport with your co-stars in real life?

That helps, of course. Chemistry is something which you either have or don’t have.

Having said that, Ronit revealed that he wasn’t friends with Shweta Tiwari, with whom he shared amazing chemistry in Kasauti Zindagi Kay. But sharing a bond off-screen definitely helps in giving an unhindered performance.

If you know the person and have a comfort level with him/her, then the expressions flow freely because in the end, acting is all about expressing.

As Rohit wades his way out of this perplex situation, one hopes he finds the happiness he is looking for. After years of living with Poonam, who was a perfect wife to him, transitioning to having Ananya as his wife is undoubtedly puzzling. They are very different from each other, which is why the onus of making adjustments is on the man.

Rohit thought he’ll be happy after marrying Ananya when the truth was that he wasn’t prepared to handle a strong woman like her. Their relationship wasn’t as smooth after they got married, as compared to before that. Will he manage to strike a balance? Find out on Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain season 2, streaming live on ALTBalaji.