10 Modern Family GIFs That Define Every Family Gathering Ever

Karishma Govil , 26 Mar 2019
A still from Modern Family
A still from Modern Family

There are some shows that are just so relatable that you can’t help but watch because you can resonate with at least one character. The situations and the plot of the show almost always remind us of a certain person. There are certain traits in those characters that resemble someone we know or are related to. Be it F.R.I.E.N.D.S., How I Met Your Mother or even Modern Family, they’ve all got these kinds of characters. Speaking of the 10-season laugh riot called Modern Family, we thought there are certain GIFs from the show that defo will remind you of every family dinner ever. Scroll down for some LOLs.

1. When your mom and aunts start gossiping, and you’re just like…

This happens at every family get-together ever. It’s like an impromptu round table conference that just can’t wait till the end of dinner. And they just go on and on with these stories and you’re just standing there, staring at them, feeling sorry for yourself being there.

2. When they try to include you in their gossip

And then, they look at you like they’re seeking your opinion on the matter like you care! And all you can give them is coldest and blankest look. Even then, I don’t think they’ll successfully sense your expression.

3. But then, you’re too invested in the story, so want to know anyway

You’ve already heard so much that you now want to know what happens at the end of that story. So, you pretend to be breezy and ask them what happens eventually. And it’s the best gossip you’ve heard all year!

4. When your chachi asks you about your grades last semester

What you feel like telling her is, “Umm, I effin’ tanked, what do you think? I didn’t prepare for it at all okay, judgemental chachi? Leave me alone!”. But you eventually end up saying, “I got decent grades, chachi. Thank you for asking.

5. And then she brags about how her daughter performed better than you. And you’re like…

I’m pretty she legit only asked this question because she wanted to brag about her child scoring good marks. And this is what you’re doing in your head.

6. When you realise there’s no dessert…

Oh damn! This is never a good thing. Mom will be madddd! Also, the only thing that you were probably looking forward to at this dinner was dessert. So, this is really disappointing.

7. And then you realise, it was your responsibility to get dessert

Uh oh! All you’re thinking now is “I’m gonna head to my room, yeah? That’s where I’ll be, forever! So, don’t come looking for me.

8. When your grandmother tells you to perform like you did when you were little

Note to Dadiji, “Please note that I am a grown up now and can’t perform on Michael Jackson songs anymore. Even though I still groove to it at a club, I most definitely won’t do the entire Thriller bit in front of the fam.

9. This is you throughout the dinner

The uncles are talking about politics and the aunties are gossiping. You’re clueless about what you should be doing and how you can escape.

10. And then, you finally tell your relatives that you’ll BRB, but you’re actually running away

I’ll see you around, sunshine!” Except—you won’t.

We still watch re-runs of the show because no matter how many times we watch it, it just never stops being funny. Haley, Luke, Alex, Gloria, Phil, Claire, Manny, Cameron, Jay, Mitchell, Lily and Joe are all so entertaining, no? Which season is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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