The hottest season on earth is here! Bring out that sunblock and load up on chaas, coconut water and watermelon juice. Crank up that AC, yo! Because, it gonna get real hot in the city. To all the citizens of Mumbai who think this season is the worst one thanks to that God forsaken heat, we’re here to turn this horribly sticky and sweaty day around for you so listen up. We’re gonna talk about the best thing about summer—mangoes! A lot of restaurants dedicate special menus to the king of fruits. But today, we’re not talking about those, we’re here to tell you about the classic spots in Mumbai that serve the best mango fresh cream you just have to try out if you’re around the city in summer. Scroll down for all the mango goodness!

1. Haji Ali Juice Center, Mahalaxmi

2. Natural Ice Cream, Multiple Outlets

3. Bachelorr’s, Multiple Outlets

4. Sukh Sagar, Multiple Outlets

5. High Point, Andheri

6. Elco Pani Puri Centre, Bandra

7. Shiv Sagar, Multiple Outlets

8. Shree Sagar, Bandra

9. Kailash Parbat, Multiple Outlets

We suggest you wait for the season to kick in properly to enjoy those seasonal juicy and sweet mangoes in all its glory. Tell us which spot you’re gonna hit up first in the comments below.

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