7 Lipstick Hacks That Every Girl Need To Know About

7 Lipstick Hacks That Every Girl Need To Know About

Jyotika Udeshi

When I think of makeup, lipstick is the immediate word that comes to mind! This product is the base of every beauty kit and anyone who has forayed into the world of beauty has at least a tube (or hundred) in their stash. Whilst lipsticks are classics, here are a few nifty tricks that can help maximise their potential.

1. Create New Shades

Before you head out to buy a new lipstick, consider as to whether you can create the shade at home. Mixing 2-3 lipsticks is a common trick that makeup artists use to get the colour of their choice. You can even blend a cream or powder shadow into your lipstick to add a different undertone or effect. As for nude lipsticks? Mix a tiny bit of red, coral or pink lipstick with your concealer to get a shade that will flatter your complexion!

2. Use Your Tools

Applying lipstick straight from the bullet is great for an everyday look. However, your makeup brushes can help you get a variety of finishes. For a super precise and pigmented look, use a lip brush to define and colour your pout. For a more diffused and blotted look, a fluffy eyeshadow or blending brush will do the trick. You can even use your fingers as a tool and dab the colour on to get a soft flush of colour.

3. Multi-Task Like A Pro

Most people overlook the versatility of a good lipstick. A brown-hued one can double up as a bronzer to contour your face. whilst a glittery formula can definitely add a blinding highlight. You can even mix a touch of lipstick with a moisturiser or sunscreen to create a blush for your cheeks.

Peach, orange and red lipsticks also work incredibly as colour correctors. Depending on your skin tone (deeper ones should opt for oranges and reds), you can use one of these shades over your dark circles and pigmentation before applying concealer. Trust me, you will be amazed at how flawless your skin will look.

4. Layer It With Other Beauty Products

We all know about the magic of layering a gloss on top of a lipstick. However, did you know that by dabbing a small amount of powder blush over your pout, you can mattify any lip colour? You can also add a smidge of highlighter on the centre of your lips to give the illusion of a fuller pout. If longevity is your aim, blot your lips with a tissue and dust a light coat of setting powder before applying your next coat of lipstick.

5. Follow Up With Concealer

Don’t fret if your lipstick has smudged or gone over the lines. Instead, dip a brush into a pot of concealer and run it along the outside of your lips. Not only will this ensure that your pout looks clean and crisp, but will also make your lip colour pop against your skin.

6. Stick Your Finger In Your Mouth

This hack may sound weird but it really works! Instead of waiting for someone to tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth, wizen up and pop your pointer finger in your mouth. Wrap your lips around your finger and pull it out. By doing so, you will have gotten rid off any lipstick that would have otherwise ended up on your teeth.

7. Repurpose A Broken Lipstick

There is no point crying over spilt milk… or a broken lipstick. If the bullet of your lipstick has made a clean break, you can use a lighter to warm up the edges before fusing it back. If that doesn’t work, gently press the bullet into an empty pill box or container to create your own kit.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve? Share them with us in the comments below!

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