The season for ice popsicles, stylish sunglasses and higher SPF has arrived! While for most of us, summer goes hand-in-hand with vacations, beach days and hanging with your friends by the pool. But for the other lot who has to go to work, events, weddings and so on, it ain’t as nice. In fact, it’s all about heat and humidity resulting in a frizzy head of hair and a melted face!

No one likes a caked up face of makeup. I mean, you’d rather eat the cake than be one, amirite? And just like your skincare routine changes, there are certain products you need to swap in, and out during the summer in order to keep your makeup looking its best.

And like always, when in doubt, go to the professionals! So, we asked celebrity makeup artists, Namrata Soni, Puneet Saini and Shraddha Naik to help us with a couple of tips and ways to keep our faces looking its summer’s best!

Namrata Soni on what to use on the daily:

Don’t over use products. Try to keep it minimal and simple. A good BB cream or a matte foundation is best. Also, don’t forget to use blotting powder to set the makeup. During these couple of months use waterproof mascara and opt for matte lipsticks instead of creamy ones. Carry an Evian mist with you to refresh your skin through the day.

Puneet Saini’s essential tips:

  • Opt for tints instead of a full coverage foundation.
  • Use a translucent powder over it to set it instead of a compact.
  • Use waterproof pencil kohl liners.
  • Pick a fresh pink peachy powder blush that mimics spring and to give off a natural flushed to the cheeks.
  • For the lips, opt for tints or velvet matte textures.

Shraddha Naik

In order for your makeup to last all day long, it’s very important to use a good water based moisturiser. Always use a primer above that, as it will keep your skin looking smooth, and also even out the skin tone. Avoid using products that are not waterproof because they tend to smudge easily. Also don’t forget to use a fix spray after your makeup so that your makeup stays for a longer time.

Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know if you’d like more celebrity mua-approved advice from us!

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