After tackling his share of ups and downs, Kapil Sharma is back with a bang in the second season of The Kapil Sharma Show. The comedian and host recently appeared on Arbaaz Khan‘s talk show – Pinch – where he discussed how he tackled the social media trolling and hate posts he was subjected to among other things.

On the show, he read out tweets and comments trolling him about his show and personal life. He agreed to having used unacceptable language at times on social media platforms and confessed that he was depressed and addicted to alcohol during that phase because of which he was hardly in his senses at any point of time. Arbaaz also spoke about the controversy where a journalist accused him of making celebrities wait on his sets. The journalist released a voice recording of Kapil abusing him that created quite a stir on social media. Speaking about this infamous verbal squabble, he said:

I agree that the language used was incorrect. I was not in my right senses. When people are not in their senses they say such things. I spoke in this manner to this guy because in 6 months, he wrote around 160 articles constantly aimed at defaming my image. The format of my show is such that I have to arrive 3-4 hours prior to the shooting, I cannot be late. Yes, some shoots have been cancelled, but I have never made celebrities wait. There was this pent up frustration about these false stories that came out like this. When I’m angry, I do abuse. In the future too, if something similar takes place I might abuse. I am not a saint.After going through this rough patch, we are glad Kapil is back to being his entertaining self and continue to make people laugh through his show!