Here's How Malini's Girl Tribe Is Celebrating Their One Year Anniversary

Team Interns , 04 Apr 2019
Malini's Girl Tribe X Snapchat BRAVE
Malini’s Girl Tribe X Snapchat BRAVE

Let’s face it, Social Media is everywhere! It plays a huge role in our lives and as much as I hate to admit it, I spend a considerable amount of my day scrolling through various platforms. Social Media is powerful, and its users have power too. And as you may remember what Uncle Ben from Spiderman said: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Unfortunately, a majority of social media users use their power to bring others down, in fact, social media has made us a society of bullies! People don’t think twice before saying something rude and this hate we receive online is messing with our minds.

In a way that was almost too good to be true, Malini’s Girl Tribe came into existence to bring balance to the internet. Malini’s Girl Tribe is a Facebook group that is exclusively for women. It’s a safe space where they can ask questions, seek help, share inspirational stories and discuss the burning topics that women need to share out loud. Nothing is off limits here, the only rule is that we approach each other with empathy and kindness. What makes it so unique is that no matter what you share, you can do it without the fear of being judged or ridiculed.
Over the last year, this little group has snowballed into an inspiring and supportive community of over 20,000 women!
The Tribe has completed one year! And to celebrate this wonderful occasion, We’re having a BRAVE!

What is Brave?

BRAVE aka a Breakfast Rave is a brand-new way to party! This is a first of its kind party with activities that will help your general well being and food and drinks that will nourish your body!
This party is the perfect way to bond with the tribe members and to celebrate Malini’s Girl Tribe turning one!
Are you intrigued yet?

Here’s what will be happening at BRAVE

1. Yoga Sesh

There’s going to be a super fun yoga session that’s going to be hosted by Diva Yoga by Malaika Arora. Practicing yoga in the morning is the most wholesome way to start the day, isn’t it? We’re going to begin our Sunday morning with a quick Yoga sesh to energise ourselves before all the other fun activities commence!

2. Dance Meditation

Yes, it is as peculiar as it sounds! It is an experience that will completely change the way you look at meditation, nothing about this activity is mundane. Junelia Aguiar will be hosting this session and the participants will dance blindfolded. This is one activity that you do not want to miss out on, because it’s truly a unique experience that leaves you feeling light and at peace!

3. Bollywood Dance Party

Doesn’t an old school dance party with your girlfriends sound like the best thing in the world? At BRAVE we’re going to be jamming out to some Bollywood tunes and make the best of our Sunday morning.

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Malini’s Girl Tribe X Snapchat brings you BRAVE! ❤️ It’s almost been one whole year ever since our amazing tribe started. I’m so glad to be surrounded by a bunch of supportive and understanding women, it’s truly been a great addition to my life! Isn’t that a wonderful reason to celebrate? Join us for the tribe’s first-anniversary celebration on the 7th of April! We’re having a fabulous one of a kind event called BRAVE (Breakfast Rave) where we have super fun activities planned for you like tarot card reading, dream catcher making and lots more! It’s going to be a morning full self-love and for spreading positivity If you haven’t yet, join Malini’s Girl Tribe and get your tickets! Here’s how you can do it! • Join The Tribe on Facebook (Link In Bio) • Buy your tickets there. • Come to Cafe Zoe on 7th April and celebrate a year of the tribe with us! ❤ We hope you join us and let’s be BRAVE Together Thanks to my BRAVE partners, @tanmaybahulekar @huzaifalightwalla @suuuperjoujou @cafezoebombay @junelia_aguiar @malaikaaroraofficial @leoandgangfilms @soul_works_mumbai @thedramaqueen2012 @thedivayoga @studio7advertising for making this happen! 🦄 . . . . . #SnapchatXTheGirlTribe #SnapchatXMissMalini #MalinisGirlTribe #BRAVE #GirlTribe #Anniversary #OneYearAnniversary #GoodVibes #Yoga #Meditation #Dance #Bollywood #BRAVEGirls #BreakfastParty #love #girllove #girlpower #futureisfemale #breakfastrave #MMBrave #malinisgirltribebrave #positivevibes #letyourvibeattractyourtribe #dancemeditation #yoga #dreamcatchers #tarot

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4. Delicious Breakfast

I think yummy food is the highlight of any event right? BRAVE is going to be held at Cafe Zoe and we’re going to be serving some scrumptious breakfast that’ll probably be the highlight of your weekend.

5. Goodie Bags

Just when you think the fun is over, we’re going to give you some ah-mazing goodies! Here’s a snippet of all the exciting things that you’ll be getting at BRAVE!

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MalinisGirlTribeXSnapchat brings to you BRAVE 🌸 Here’s what this amazing goodie bag for all the BRAVERS looks like! We have last 10 tickets left so get yours now via the link in bio 😍🙌 Date: 7th April, Sunday. Venue: @cafezoebombay #BRAVE GOODIES include 👇 •Tea from @thekettlery •Brave Neck piece by @theblingstores •Vouchers worth 2000 by @nowbodycare •Skin Care Range by @blossomkochhar •Lip balm and face mask by @kayaskinclinics •Tote bags by @keepsakes_parridhi •Beej balls so you can plant your own forest by The Tree Box Big love to our partners @leoandgangfilms @studio7advertising @thedivayoga @malaikaaroraofficial @junelia_aguiar @thedramaqueen2012 @soul_works_mumbai [email protected]_r, Community Manager 🌈 #MalinisGirlTribeXSnapchat 🦄 . . . . . #MissMaliniXSnapchat #MalinisGirlTribe #BRAVE #GirlTribe #Anniversary #OneYearAnniversary #GoodVibes #Yoga #Meditation #Dance #Bollywood #BRAVEGirls #BreakfastParty #love #girllove #girlpower #futureisfemale #breakfastrave #MMBrave #malinisgirltribebrave #positivevibes #letyourvibeattractyourtribe #dancemeditation #yoga #dreamcatchers #tarot

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This is one Malini’s Girl Tribe event you do not want to miss out on! We hope you join us at Cafe Zoe on 7th April, 2019 to celebrate our tribe’s one year anniversary! Let’s be BRAVE together.

Buy your tickets here.

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