Siblings are the best friends you’re blessed with right since childhood, don’t you think? Some siblings may have a huge age gap but would look still look similar, while for others, you could never guess in a million years that they are even related. Same goes for our favourite celebrities. A lot of them do have siblings that many of us may not know or recognise. However, here’s a list of some of the lesser-known celebrity siblings, who they are, and what do they actually do!

1. Michael Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher‘s Brother

About Michael: Michael actually is Ashton’s twin brother. He is a spokesperson for Reaching for the Stars, which is an advocacy organisation that works towards helping people with cerebral palsy. Michael, too, has cerebral palsy and has even had a heart transplant during his initial years.

2. Monica Cruz, Penelope Cruz‘s Sister

About Monica: Monica is a Spanish actress, dancer and also owns a clothing line with Penelope. She is the younger sister between the two.

3. Doug Pitt, Brad Pitt‘s Brother

About Doug: Doug is Brad’s younger brother and is a businessman. He is also a philanthropist and has been the United Republic of Tanzania‘s Goodwill Ambassador since 2010.

4. Hunter Johansson, Scarlett Johansson‘s Brother

About Hunter: Hunter is actually Scarlett’s twin brother. He’s been in the acting industry before but didn’t take up too many projects. He later entered the politics and worked successfully on the re-election and campaign of the then President, Obama, in 2o08.

5. Lynda Lopez, Jennifer Lopez‘s Sister

About Lynda: Lynda is Jennifer’s younger sister and is a successful American journalist. She also won the Emmy for ‘Outstanding Morning News Program’ in 2001.

6. Antonia Kidman, Nicole Kidman‘s Sister

About Antonia: Antonia is Nicole’s younger sibling and is an Australian TV presenter and journalist.

7. Lizzy Pattinson and Victoria Pattinson, Robert Pattinson‘s Sisters

About Lizzy and Victoria: They’re both the elder sister of Robert. Victoria is a businesswoman while Lizzy is a songwriter and singer. She’s also known to have contributed some vocals for The Twilight Saga.

8. Alex Watson, Emma Watson‘s Brother

About Alex: Alex is Emma’s younger brother. You can spot him as an extra in Harry Potter a couple of times. But he later took on the modelling path.

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