India Election - Raise Your Voice Sticker
India Election – Raise Your Voice Sticker

Election day is almost here, and we’ve noticed a lot of enthusiasm coming from the youth of India this year, which is a step forward. But it isn’t just the youth who are taking an active part in this year’s election and encouraging everybody to cast their votes. Snapchat—an app that has a high number of young generation users, is making efforts to help people get to the polls and vote by guiding them to the resources provided by the Election Commission of India.

All of this started on 28th March when ‘Team Snapchat’ sent the Snapchatters a notification, as well as gave them access to new filters that would help them join the online voter roll ahead of their deadline. Snapchat has also created a vast range of tools ahead of the election. Check it out…

India Election - My Country My Responsibility Filter
India Election – My Country My Responsibility Filter

They include stickers, lenses, filters, Bitmoji and also Snap Map integrations designed specifically for the election. What’s even cooler is that they are also encouraging their users to use the new lenses and filters to express their thoughts, views, and ideas on the issues circling around the elections and share with their friends and other users.

Snapchat is also hosting a geo-filter competition for the state elections in Mumbai and Delhi. This competition aims at encouraging voter expression and engagement and is hosted in partnership with YLAC India (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship).

Indian Election - Snap Map

In addition to this, Snap Map will help the users to find out when and where their state constituency is voting. It will have a ready link to the polling location. This feature will be super helpful for people who haven’t voted before or do not have a lot of information about how to go about the elections.

We think this initiative by Snapchat will definitely prove to be a great help for people who don’t know where to get the right information about the elections. What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments below.

India Election - I Voted Bitmoji
India Election – I Voted Bitmoji

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