The Titanic incident isn’t unknown to anyone. A lot of movies, books and articles were inspired by it and the ones who survived the sink had some pretty gripping stories to share. But still, not every secret was let out and there is so much more that we still aren’t aware of about the incident. So, here we’ll be sharing five such ‘secrets’ that most of the people didn’t know about!

1. The crew onboard Titanic did not have any binoculars with them.

People had trouble spotting the iceberg on time as the key to where the binoculars were kept didn’t make it to the ship. The crew had to only rely on their eyesight which could also mean that the whole incident could have been avoided if the crew had access to binoculars. The official 1912 inquiry findings also revealed that they only took 37 seconds in spotting the iceberg, calling everybody downstairs and discussing what should be done next.

2. 13 couples had chosen to celebrate their honeymoon on the ship when it sank.

The Titanic saw 13 couples celebrating their honeymoon when it sank in 1912. This information and the story of those couples were revealed in Titanic Love Stories.

3. The band at the ship continued playing music till the end to calm the people aboard.

They are believed to have played music for more than two long hours after Titanic hit the iceberg, just to make sure the passengers don’t panic more. Since then, they’ve been termed as heroes.

4. The Titanic was already seeing tragedies before it even sank.

Eight people lost their lives during the construction of the ship itself. The names of only five of them are known—John Kelly, James Dobbin, Samuel Scott, Robert Murphy, and William Clarke. A plaque was unveiled in Belfast 2012 in the memory of these eight men.

5. An actress named Dorothy Gibson survived the Titanic accident and starred in the film Saved From The Titanic.

When the actress survived the collision, she went back to New York City and immediately started filming Saved From The Titanic, which was released just a month later in May 1912 after the ship sank.

She is popularly known for wearing the same pair of clothes and shoes in her film which she had worn when the actual ship sank. But, although the film did pretty well, it cannot be found anywhere to watch. The only known print of the movie was ruined in a fire.Do you know any more Titanic secrets? Do tell us in the comments below.

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