Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Remember the grand, 3-day, fairytale wedding Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra had in Jodhpur? It’s just been about 5 months since and it was one helluva celebration, so it’s probably hard to forget about it. To us, it seemed absolutely amazing and perfect. But apparently, just like any other wedding, there were a few hiccups and Nick’s brother Joe Jonas is all set to make up for it at his own wedding. According to Female First, there was a shortage of beer at the Nickyanka wedding as they had underestimated just how much their guests would drink.

Talking about it, Jiju said,

We learned a lesson from my wedding. Our friends drink a lot of beer, specifically, and we ran out of beer at the wedding, at my wedding, which was a big issue.

Joe quipped in saying that they will be well-prepared with beer for his upcoming wedding having learnt from Nick’s wedding.

I mean, we are getting married in France, so a lot of Coors Light is necessary. Not hard, really, to get that, but we needed to make sure that was going to happen.

While Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are yet to reveal the date for their wedding, there are reports that they will get hitched this summer. I mean, a wedding in Paris? We can already imagine it being frikkin’ gorgeous.

Kevin Jonas also revealed just how important beer was to their guests by saying the minute the beer disappeared things went downhill from there.

He further added,

It starts to get very dark very fast with hard alcohol instead. It’s just like ‘Oh, we’re doing this now? Okay.

Well… we’re glad to know that the #Nickyanka wedding was one mad party and we’re pretty sure Joe and Sophie’s wedding is going to be super fun as well!