16 Years After Their Tiff, Vivek Oberoi Has One Question To Ask Salman Khan

16 Years After Their Tiff, Vivek Oberoi Has One Question To Ask Salman Khan

Pallavi Manoj

Vivek Oberoi has been in buzz ever since the news of him playing our current PM Narendra Modi was out. But today, the movie that was suspiciously releasing close to elections is not the topic that’s made headlines, it is a question that Vivek wishes to ask Salman Khan. In case you don’t know the drama that went down between the two actors, let me fill you in first.

Around 16 years ago Vivek and Salman had a very public brawl over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. After Ash and Salman’s messy break up back in the day, she started seeing Vivek. This was around the same time both of them did the movie Kyun? Ho Gaya Na! (Remember this gem?). Back in 2003, Vivek had called a press conference where he revealed that Salman had called him up 41 times to threatening to kill him about his relationship with Ash. This press conference is what supposedly put his career at jeopardy. Vivek has spoken about his equation with Salman several times since then. And now, he has one more question to ask the superstar.

On being asked if he had one question for Salman, he replied:

Do you truly believe in forgiveness?

Apparently, this is not the only time that Vivek has asked for forgiveness from the superstar. While Ash and Vivek’s relationship hit the rocks soon after, Vivek had come out later to reveal that he had done a lot of things for Ash but was never appreciated for the same on Farah Khan‘s show. In fact, he even hinted that the press conference was at her insistence. But now during the promotions for his latest movie PM Narendra Modi, he has once again made an apology to the superstar.