Journalist Files Police Complaint Against Salman Khan For Snatching His Phone

Pallavi Manoj , 26 Apr 2019
Salman Khan | Source : Instagram - @beingsalmankhan
Salman Khan | Source: Instagram [email protected]

There have been various incidents when celebrities have been mobbed by fans and their phones for selfies. The paparazzi is also on their toes to get the best pictures of Bollywood stars no matter where they are. At the gym, airport, at lunch or dinner, name it and you’ll find a spotted picture. But recently one such fan/paparazzi picture went awry when it came to Bollywood’s bhaijaan Salman Khan. A journalist has filed a complaint against the star for snatching his phone away from him.

Apparently, the journalist and a camera person were on their way from Juhu to Kandivali when they spotted Salman on a bicycle ride. The journalist, Ashok Shyamlal Pandey allegedly asked the actor’s bodyguard whether they could make a video of him and he supposedly agreed. He explained the incident that took place in detail to the media.

We took out our mobile phones and started shooting. Suddenly, Salman turned around and gestured to his bodyguards. After that bodyguards riding motorcycles approached us. My cameraman was pushed by one of the guards and he even pushed our car with force. We ended up having an argument with them. Salman turned his cycle and came to us. We told him we were from the press. Salman said ‘It doesn’t matter’. Then he snatched our mobile phones and left.

He also said that the bodyguards only returned the phones when they started calling the nearest police station.

A cross-complaint has also been lodged by Salman’s bodyguard that the journalist was filming without seeking his permission.

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