Katrina Kaif Talks About Her Cordial Equations With Ranbir, Alia & Deepika

Shubanka Sridhar , 26 Apr 2019

Awkward meetings and uncomfortable situations aren’t something new for Bollywood celebrities. From Ex dramas to professional rivalries and family feuds, it’s a varied mix of awkwardness. Being a small world, they end up bumping into each other from time to time and try their best to be as cordial as possible. Now, this is something Katrina Kaif has had to face, too. Recently, the actress was at the Filmfare Awards 2019 where she couldn’t escape bumping into her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and her good friend Alia Bhatt – who is currently dating Ranbir. And, add to that Deepika Padukone, whom Ranbir was dating before he got together with Katrina. You get why this is one awkward situation, right?!

But, quite obviously, they were adults about it and met cordially. They greeted each other with a hug and it was all drama-free, much to the disappointment of the gossip mongers! But there is always the question of how someone can choose to be cordial with people they have had quite a hurtful past with. And when Katrina was asked this in a DNA interview, she had some interesting things to say.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I will tell you something important. A certain thing is already playing out in a certain manner. My reaction to it makes no difference. I can sit here and feel anger and bitterness. I can make myself unhappy. Or I can take into consideration that, how miserable I am makes no difference to anyone else. So, instead, I can lighten my own burden and say — let me be happy and at peace.

She further went on to explain the kind of person she is and how she prefers to approach these situations:

Whoever it is (no names taken), I don’t see the point of holding on to anything unpleasant from the past. I would rather let bygones be bygones. I would genuinely prefer having a friend than an enemy. I like to laugh, I like talking to people. I like hanging out with people. Under the circumstances, I see no point in staying aloof. I believe in making friends.

Now, that is some really wise and practical approach to the situation, right?! Katrina is currently gearing up for the release of her film – Bharat – with Salman Khan. She has also signed Sooryavanshi – Rohit Shetty‘s next film alongside Akshay Kumar.

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