Shah Rukh Khan Opens Up About The Failure Of Zero & Why He Won’t Be Taking Up Any Films Soon

Shah Rukh Khan Opens Up About The Failure Of Zero & Why He Won’t Be Taking Up Any Films Soon

Pallavi Manoj
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Kal ho Na Ho
Shah Rukh Khan in a still from Kal Ho Na Ho

Shah Rukh Khan is one superstar that has put Indian cinema on the world map. Anywhere you go in the world, Indians are asked about SRK. He is called the Badshah of Bollywood and King Khan for a reason. But unfortunately for Shah Rukh, his last few ventures at the box office haven’t been very successful. There had been reports that the failure of his recent film Zero had affected him quite a lot. The superstar finally opened up about the same in a recent interaction and talked about how he didn’t feel like taking up any movies soon. He disclosed that he will be taking some time off before he decides on his next film.

Speaking about why he was doing this, he said:

This time, I didn’t feel like doing it. I thought, this time, I will take out time to watch films and listen to scripts and read books. My kids are also doing finishing their college life. Suhana is still in college, Aryan will hopefully pass his college in a year. I want to spend more time with my family.

The actor had said in a media interaction earlier this year that he may decide upon his next project in June but he said he had decided against it.

I said somewhere that I might decide in June about my next project. But I won’t even do it in June, I will only do a film when I feel like doing it from my heart. I only act when it comes from my heart, but this time I don’t feel like doing it. A lot of people are telling me stories, I’ve heard 15-20 stories, I liked 2-3 of them. But I haven’t decided yet which film to do. Because the moment I take a decision, I will have to start working on films. I will completely be engrossed in it.

Talking about Zero‘s failure he disclosed that he had been quite detached from it since it released back in December and people hadn’t received it as well.

He said,

If the audience didn’t like it, then so be it, there’s nothing that can be done.

The film is slated to be showcased at the Beijing Film Festival that SRK will be attending.