Esha Gupta is one of those incredibly stunning women you love to hate but just can’t seem to… Whether on Instagram, or the big screen or in person, Esha’s got not only the looks but the personality to go with it. Which is why we are so attracted to the way she dresses up and styles even the most basic of clothes.

And like we’ve always said, with great clothes comes great responsibility—which means, the hair and makeup to go with it! Because what look can be complete without some a really great blow-out and eyeliner, amirite? In the hunt for all the amazing looks Esha’s worn, we stumbled upon some frickin’ mind-blowing eye makeup looks. Scroll below to check out 5 looks that are so runway-approved that we can’t believe she pulled them off!

1. Swapping the simple black and browns for a teal blue winged eye.

2. Pink-shadowed eyes can be tricky business, but Esha’s ombre eye look is beautiful!

3. It’s a purple party! We love the smokey lavender purple shadow with hints of shimmer and sparkle at the inner corners.

4. Going for the bold with a green eyeliner across the upper and lower lids.

5. Yellow ain’t got to be mellow… Esha pulled off the muted yellow shadow brilliantly by pairing it with a winged eye and tons of lashes!

Have a favourite look you want to recreate? Hit us up in the comment section below and we’ll teach you how!

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