Tinder Will Now Have Pet Profiles That You Can Swipe Right To Find Your #PawfectMatch

Suruchi Patwary , 03 May 2019


Finding love has become so much easier with technological advancements now, don’t you think? All you gotta do is swipe right and boom, you now have a potential match! But in this age and generation where speed dating apps are easily available everywhere, the search for that ‘one true love’ is still fairly a struggle. But not anymore! Tinder is now introducing a completely new category of profiles that you won’t be able to ignore. Confused about who these ‘perfect’ matches are? Read on to find out!

Tinder, in partnership with animal rescue and shelter foundations all over India, will now allow its users to swipe and find their furry matches and four-legged soulmates! Yes, you can now find your #PawfectMatch through Tinder. Rescue agencies like World For All Animal Care, Charpaws Foundation, Red Paws Rescue, Friendicoes SECA, RESQ, and Karma Foundation have come together to work with Tinder for this paw-mazing initiative.

But How Can One Find Their #PawfectMatch On Tinder?

Tinder Pawfect Match
Tinder Pawfect Match
Tinder Pawfect Match

Don’t you worry, its no rocket science! Just like how you’d swipe on hooman profiles to find your match, you’ll now be able to swipe on pet profiles too. But the only difference is, instead of waiting for the pet profiles to swipe right on your profile too for it to become a match, you’ll be redirected to a form. There, you’ll have the option of how you wish to take it forward with the pets—if you wish to adopt, foster, volunteer or donate.

The Current Situation Of Pets In India

Studies revealed that only 1 in every 12 abandoned pets actually find a forever home in India. The situation in Delhi was revealed by Friendicoes SECA that said almost 600 pets are abandoned every year. And out of these 600 pets, just 100 or 150 of them find a home. Whereas in Mumbai, World For All said only 300 pets out of the total 500 abandoned or surrendered ones get adopted every year.

These numbers are really sad to see and its time we all do something about it. But, this super cool initiative by Tinder India just made it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for us. They’re all just a swipe away from us! I think it will definitely motivate people to participate in the registrations and help in whatever way they can.

Have you seen this new feature on your Tinder app yet? Let us know in the comments below how you feel about this initiative!

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