For a mother, anything that her child does will always be special. So when television actress Chhavi Mittal Hussein‘s daughter, Areeza Hussein planned a surprise baby shower for her, it turned out to be the best day in her life! The actress has had a hectic pregnancy and ‘hasn’t had the time to even feel special’ but thanks to her 6-year-old daughter, she didn’t miss out on her baby shower.

Chhavi, who is expecting her second child with Mohit Hussein took to Instagram to share the adorable story behind the planning. “My Little fairy had called 2-3 of her other 6-year-old friends, who came and helped her decorate the whole house with coloured tapes, balloons, messages on post-its, flowers and seashells,” she wrote.

She further shared that she was made to wait outside the door for a few minutes because they were not ready. When she told them that she needed to sit, she was blindfold (the eye patch I wear to sleep) and her cutie held her hand and made her sit while doing the last minute finishing touches. In 5 minutes Areeza removed her blindfold while all of them shouted “surprise” and filled her lap with little cards ‘full of love and spelling mistakes’. “It was the biggest awww moment of my life ever!! And I couldn’t have wished for a better baby shower,” she wrote.

Check her photos below:

This story is just so cute that we couldn’t help but go ‘aww’!