Whenever we see photos of the celebrities at various events, we can’t help but wonder how most of them manage to look so fit, glowing and stunning every single time! But a lot of hard work goes behind attaining that look, and we rarely get the glimpses of those BTS preps. Kangana Ranaut, who made her debut at the Cannes Film Festival last year, made heads turn and set the internet ablaze with her super gorgeous red carpet appearances there. The actress will be once again making her presence felt at Cannes this year. Naturally, everyone’s eagerly waiting to see her rocking the red carpet yet again. But Kangana was almost on the verge of cancelling her trip to the French Riviera.

Kangana has been shooting for her upcoming Bollywood film, Panga in which she plays the role of a Kabaddi player. To get into the skin of the character, she worked towards getting an athletic body but it made it impossible for her to fit into the runway pieces.  When the Kabaddi portions of the film were shot, she just had 10 days in her hands to get back to her own true form! Kangana being a total badass, took it as a challenge and worked on herself.

We got in touch with her trainer, Yogesh Bhateja to know more about her fitness routine. “Kangana has been training for Panga for almost eight months, and the demand of the movie was to put on some good muscle weight. So, the caloric structure we were following was a little higher, and at the same time we were working on endurance and agility,” he shared, adding, “We were in Calcutta first and then in Delhi, so the whole body was suffering from trauma because of the different climate, day-night shoots.”

They then got to know about Cannes and all of a sudden they had to work towards dropping the calories. Sharing about the things they focused on the most, he said, “She had 9 days of shoot left, so we were at times working out early morning and sometimes in the evening. So, the whole body clock was shocked. We worked out really hard, and our main focus was on core and sprints.

Yogesh revealed that there were some major changes that had to be made to Kangana’s diet too, “When we are dropping the calories, I had to cut off fat, carbs and even proteins. To fit into those clothes, you need to lose a little muscle also. She was having small meals multiple times. She was having fruits and we added more of leafy vegetables in the diet.

This routine was not easy at all but because of her determination, it was possible.

Check her photos below:

Revealing about her diet at Cannes, Yogesh said, “Over there she will be eating light. Most of the time she will be having soups and more veggies. She can’t have gluten and stuff, which might get her bloated.

That’s an intense schedule and Kangana’s dedication is commendable.