Apart from slow-motion runs in the middle of fields, the next most common thing shown in Hindi movies is random people spilling their life secrets to bartenders. And for someone who grew watching up these movies for years before actually entering a bar and seeing a real-life bartender, I believed that is what bartenders really do. They juggle bottles and give life advice. But soon I realised a lot of these beliefs about bartenders were actually myths. So, I’ve listed down 4 of the most common myths about bartenders and debunked them. Read on to find out if you believed these myths too, until now.

1. Bartenders Get Tipsy By Tasting The Drinks

The usual scenario at craft-cocktail bars is the bartenders using a straw to taste the drinks they make. And this makes a lot of people think that they must be getting tipsy tasting all that booze the whole time. But that isn’t logical. These tiny-to-almost-nothing sips cannot get a person tipsy because of the small content of alcohol in it. An average person actually metabolises alcohol at the speed of one cocktail per hour. So, even though a bartender tastes many cocktails per hour, it will still be too less to even get them slightly buzzed.

2. Bartending Is Not A Real Job

You might have heard many people think bartending is a part-time job, not a ‘real’ job or a dead-end job. But that’s really not the case. There are so many career options one can explore after being a bartender. One could go ahead and become a wine/spirits brand representative, a general manager or even open their own bar. And you’d be surprised to know a lot of bartenders make more money in lesser time than a lot of college graduates. Also, it needs training of years to excel at bartending.

3. Bartenders Love Consuming Alcohol

Most people are of the belief that bartenders either sneak a drink every now and then or are alcoholics themselves. But that’s not true! Although some bartenders might enjoy unwinding with a drink after work, many others don’t even drink alcohol at all. It is absolutely possible for a bartender to make great cocktails without having to taste them.

4. Bartenders Have Plenty Of Time To Chit Chat

Quite often, we see people playing very stereotypical roles of bartenders on TV. They’re usually seen listening to the regular or new customers for hours about how their life is a mess. Which gives an idea that all of them have a lot of time to listen to drunk people’s life stories. But that’s not the case in reality.

While most bartenders would be happy to continue a conversation with their customers, it isn’t possible when the place sees heavy crowds. They’re already swamped with orders and wouldn’t be able to participate in the conversation.

How many of these myths had you been believing all this time? Let us know in the comments below.

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