The Pantone Colour Institute annually forecasts the colour trends of the year which brings forth the fashionistas within us. While ‘Living Coral’ has already been announced as 2019’s colour of the year, it’s also has released a spectrum of shades alongside. And since the beginning of the year, we saw a bevy of neon shades and colours on celebrity red carpets, our Instagram feed where a ton of influencers and bloggers set this season’s colour style palette.

But just like every trend, the duration is shortlived and ever-changing. And with the influx of neon greens, orange and coral shades flowing through our feeds, there was a need for something neutral.

Leading to the rise of a new palette of colours from the purple family—Lilac, lavender pink and a cool-toned violet are the shades we’ve been spotting everywhere…

The reason why this colour tone works so well:

  • It compliments almost any look.
  • It’s feminine and has a kind of joyful hue.
  • It’s perfect for summer!
  • It’s the perfect pastel.

We can’t wait to join the herd and wear this colour out… I mean, even soap cutting videos look so much more satisfying in this colour…

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