For a 10 am flight/train, our dad makes sure we reach the airport/station at 3 am! The only explanation for reaching hours before is “it’s better to reach early than miss the flight/train”.  And if you are even slightly late, you’re in big trouble. Now, this is a story most of us will be familiar with. And let us tell you, this is a story of all dads, all around the world, including Will Smith.

Recently, a premiere of Will’s film, Aladdin was held in Los Angeles and his family made sure to attend it too. We saw photos of him with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and two of his children, Trey Smith and Willow Smith, but Jaden Smith seemed missing from the pictures. Wondering why? Because he was late for the premier. Will was in no mood to let his son get away with it and shared a video calling him out for being late. “Hey Elon Musk, can you make Bigger Clocks in the next Tesla so @c.syresmith can be on time for my next premiere? #aladdin 📹: @westbrook,” he captioned it.

Check the video out:

We had the best photographers in the world, waiting for us on the red carpet,” Will says in the video when Jaden requests for a family picture in the alley behind the movie theatre. What we love about the video is how it specifies the time when the photos were clicked. And Will, we have to say, is a savage AF! Below is the family photo which they finally managed to click in the alley.

Check it out:

Red carpet or the cemented walls, the Smiths look fabulous anywhere and everywhere!