Curly Hair
Curly Hair

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always hated my curly hair… Not because it never mimicked the ones I saw in magazines or on TV, but more often ’cause I just thought it made my face look a whole lot fuller. I spent most of my 20-something years staying away from hairbrushes, considering it only lead to weird tufts on my head, and I leaned towards blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair all through my college years, leading up to recent times.

Now, I’m going to cut my hair journey short and get straight to the point—I frickin’ love my natural hair! While it took me years to finally come to terms with my hair, I realised a couple of things along the way…

  1. Never underestimate what God (or your parents) have given you.
  2. Heating tools are instant killers for your hair (especially if it’s curly and needs more heat).
  3. With the right products by your side, you can have the best hair of your life!

Which brings me to show you the 3 products I’ve discovered through all my years of testing, trying and experimenting—because they’re just so damn good!

1. Kérastase Masque Chromatique Hair Mask

Starting off, I have coloured hair. And while it might not be highly bleached or blonde, it does look dehydrated. I usually use a colour-protecting shampoo but over time I’ve realised that a conditioner/hair mask is the most important step to keep the locks looking healthy and nourished.

The main use of a shampoo is to cleanse and wash away the dirt and grime from your scalp, right? Now, if your hair is colour from the roots to the ends, then I’d definitely say use a shampoo customed for coloured. Otherwise, skip that, use an ordinary shampoo and have the real MVP be the hair mask.

I use this one by Kérastase. It’s a gel-textured mask that offers up insane hydration (another fave is the MoroccanOil one) and it gives you a kind of a fresh shine to the hair. It’s a deep treatment that I tend to use in almost every wash.

Kérastase Masque Chromatique Hair Mask
Kérastase Masque Chromatique Hair Mask

2. MoroccanOil Treatment

Once my hair is towel-dried, I go in with my holy grail, MoroccanOil. This one’s like a serum (even though it says treatment) and it’s the best damn thing to have happened to my hair. Since I have thick and heavy hair, other liquid serums in the market never gave my hair the softness it needed. But with just two pumps of this, my hair feels super manageable.

Another way I use this product is like a leave-in, either on my split ends at night. Or I apply a dime-sized amount right before I workout so the heat and oil really infuse to give it a deeper hydrating treatment.

MoroccanOil Treatment
MoroccanOil Treatment

3. Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Créme

This one’s a new addition to my hair routine compared to the other fossils, and I’ve got to say it quickly made it to my top 3 product list in the last year. Now I’ve always wondered how some girls keep the curls looking defined and in-shape until I realised I needed to add one more product to really be happy with my mane.

This Briogeo creme goes in right after my MoroccanOil serum to give my hair definition and movement—the latter was key ’cause many other creams and sprays left my hair crispy and stiff. And while reading up on the product before investing in it, I came across a really cool ingredient—rice amino acids. What it does is, seal the hair cuticle and lock out frizz-causing humidity (because, hell we know Bombay’s air has excess humidity) to create long-lasting beautiful curls I’ve always dreamt of!

Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Creme
Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Creme

Now, keep in mind my texture and curliness might be different from yours… But I guarantee that these products are must-haves for any textured, curly hair girl!

Will you try any of these out? Holler, and tell me how it goes!

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