Due to the magnanimity of the plot and its incredible fan following, Marvel goes to great lengths to keep their stories under wraps until the release of their movies. For its last release, Avengers: End Game, the actors were not even given the full scripts and was only provided with their individual lines. In fact, sometimes the actors didn’t even know who they were sharing the screen with. While most of the actors hired by Marvel have become experts at keeping mum about the plots, there are some, actually, just two who have time and again become famous for giving out spoilers.

One of them is Mark Ruffalo who plays Hulk and the other is the latest addition to the universe Tom Holland who plays Spider-Man. While Mark became infamous for accidentally live streaming the first few minutes of Thor: Ragnarok, Tom gave away a huge spoiler of Avengers: Infinity War during promotions. That particular interview had gone so viral that Benedict Cumberbatch joked that he accompanied him through the rest of the press tour just to make sure he gives no spoilers. But now we seriously doubt if that was a joke. Because Tom has done it again. The actor who is currently promoting his next Marvel movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home just gave away something major from its plotline. At a promotional event for the film, the actor did get on stage determined not to spoil anything but unfortunately gave quite a lot away. When he was asked about Jake Gyllenhaal entering the series as Mysterio, Tom ended up spilling a lot about the movie.

He said:

Mysterio is my new best friend in the movie. We fight together to fight these creatures… Because when Thanos snaps his fingers, these creatures come from other dimensions.

Whoa! This means a lot for Marvel fans everywhere.

He soon realized his mistake as the crowd started cheering. We don’t know how Marvel will react to this. But this is quite a big spoiler even for Tom.

All we can say is, Uh-Oh!

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