Last year when I was gifted an indoor creeper plant, I was super excited to take it back home and watch it grow. For a week, it developed beautifully. But in the second week, for no apparent reason, it dried up and slowly died. I ain’t one to be deterred. So I visited a nursery close by and got it re-potted. And a similar thing happened with the new herb. Then, a month ago I got a chilli plant, and this time I was determined to see it thrive. But I’m sure you can see where this is going, haha. Disappointingly, it died too.

Saddened by plants that have no survival instinct whatsoever, I decided to reach out to the members of Malini’s Girl Tribe. Luckily, there were quite a few budding horticulturists who had experienced similar problems. And they were ready to help with their suggestions.

If like me, you also go through a dysfunctional relationship with your plants, here are some popular mentions that require the least care and are super easy to care for!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a very low water requirement. Perfect for those who forget to water their plants regularly. Plus, this succulent has amazing medicinal properties. You could use its gel as a moisturiser for your face. You could also dice the gel and blend it to make a healthy drink.


If you’re the get-it-and-forget-it kind, a cactus should be your go-to indoor plant. You could put them in a terrarium or keep them as a stand-alone plant. They are strong, adaptable and need very little water.


Bamboo in vase by Victoria Romanchenko |
Bamboo in vase by Victoria Romanchenko |

Having owned one for years now, I can safely say that bamboo plants are the most helpful—they’ll probably help you take care of them! They can be kept anywhere from your office desk, your dining table, on a window sill, for your bedroom shelves or more. They fit in easily and are sure to brighten up every space.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

MILT or Snake plant is the easiest houseplant ever. It can apparently go a month without water. A friend who has owned one for months now describes it as “the most spiteful plant, that thrives against all odds”, LOL. Perfect for those who don’t know how to take care of their plants.


Lavender is probably one of the most beautiful plants one can own. A few stalks have the ability to bring any place alive. It requires sunshine, but infrequent water. Plus, its fragrance has relaxing and calming properties.

Money Plant

This dark green creeper with heart-shaped leaves beautifully trails over windows, doorframes and bookshelves. It grows fast and does well in any kind of light. It’s the indoor plant you’ve probably seen in most green spaces.

I think I’ll go get myself a Mother in laws tongue. It’s stylish and seems pretty low-maintenance. Do you have any other recommendations on easy-to-care-for indoor plants? Please let us know in the comments below!

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