Pregnancy is one of the most special phases in a woman’s life. And when she’s nearing her delivery date, there are a number of emotions and feelings she goes through. Television actress Chhavi Mittal welcomed her second child, a baby boy, Arham Hussein on 13th May 2019, but her delivery wasn’t an easy journey.

Three days after her delivery, she shared a post where she described all the things that were wrong with her. Her feet and the rest of her body were swollen, her head hurt like it was about to explode, and she went deaf in one ear. She ended her post saying, “I know this will pass. This pain will be forgotten. But will the pain that I endured on my soul during the birth be ever forgotten? Sharing my birth story soon, when I feel ready.

She narrated the story in detail spread across 5 posts (5 chapters),  from how she was manipulated into a c-section by the doctor to how she had to fight, minutes before going into delivery, for her husband Mohit Hussein to stay by her side.

Read Chhavi Mittal’s story through her posts below:

Chhavi and Mohit married in 2005 and became parents to their first baby girl, Areeza Hussain on 20th December 2012. Just today, the actress shared a photo of her baby son and wrote, “Two little feet that bring stability to my whole being.. Little bundle of joy who can bring the house down when he cries! While he finds his “feet” in this world, I find my feet as a new mother all over again. Sleepless nights, lots of cuddles, demanding 6 year old, and SIT. I don’t have my mom here, don’t have a nanny, boy do @mohithussein and I have my hands full!

Below is her post:

More power to you, Chhavi!