A Man Posed As Bollywood Singer Armaan Malik And Extorted Money From Women

Pallavi Manoj , 31 May 2019
Armaan Malik

There are some days when you wake up and read the news that truly boggles your mind and makes you think twice about using the internet. This is one of those days. On Wednesday, a man hailing from Tamil Nadu was arrested for posing as Bollywood singer Armaan Malik on social media and extorting money from multiple women.

Apparently, Mahendra Varman had completed a teacher training course and was even conducting training classes until two years ago when he chose to quit his job. This was the way he chose to make money through easy means. Varman became friends with several women through Facebook and WhatsApp using Armaan‘s name. He also managed to get some obscene photographs from some of these women which he was using to blackmail them. He threatened these women saying that he would post their pictures on social media if they didn’t give him money. Allegedly, he has collected lakhs like this over a period of time.

He was finally arrested when a woman lodged a complaint. After which the police laid a trap for him asking him to come to a certain spot to collect the money where he was captured.

We’re glad that the criminal has finally caught and justice has been served.

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