The Game of Thrones final season is about to end, with just 2 more episodes remaining to be released. And we’re expecting some major bloodshed awaiting to happen in the coming episodes. But do y’all remember how many of our former favourite characters have died throughout the seasons? Well, we thought we’d never get over their deaths but we did. Yet, there are some characters whose deaths were so tragic, they are hard to forget.

And so, here are 5 of the most tragic deaths in Game of Thrones that left us shook and thinking, ‘What just really happened?’ Read on to find out:

1. Shireen Baratheon

This little girl’s death was beyond cruel and horrific. Daughter of Stannis Baratheon and his only living child, she cared for literally every single person she ever came across. But Shireen was burned alive by the Red Woman a.k.a. Melisandre on Stannis’ order as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light. And what’s worse is that the sacrifice didn’t even make any sense, because Stannis couldn’t defeat Ramsay’s army. So her sacrifice led nowhere and was just too painful to watch.

2. Hodor

Hodor was one of the sweetest characters of the series and his death surely brought a tear to our eyes. His loyalty towards the Starks and kind personality is what made him become so close to our hearts. He died while trying to protect Meera and Bran by wights. And what was even sadder about his death is how simultaneously it revealed the origin of his story. It revealed how his mental disability was, in fact, a result of Bran’s time-travel warging.

3. Catelyn Stark

A selfless woman who loved her children and Ned more than she loved herself, Catelyn was the kind of woman who could have done anything for her family. So when she was murdered, it was too saddening to watch. At the time, it did look like she was going to make it, but when she was murdered, the look on her heartbroken face felt like a sharp pierce in the heart. And let’s not forget the fact that she had just watched her son and unborn grandchild get stabbed before Black Walder Rivers swiftly slit her throat and killed her.

4. Eddard Ned Stark

Ned’s death was extremely unexpected as he was one of the most important characters at the time. And usually such characters don’t die so soon, right? But you can never expect what happens in Game of Thrones, and we learned this lesson the hard way through Ned’s death. He was beheaded and killed by Sir Illyn Payne on Joffrey’s orders in front of his daughter Sansa.

5. Ygritte

Ygritte was Jon’s real love, irrespective of the fact that they were doomed from the start. She is short with an arrow by Olly whilst the Battle of Castle Black. Jon makes eye contact with her at that exact moment and lets out a heartbreaking smile. The Wildling woman was one of my favourite characters for sure!

Which characters death affected you the most throughout the seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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