Durex's Campaign Talks About Why Women Don't Need To Fake It Anymore

Dhruvi Modi , 03 Jun 2019

Orgasms. The proverbial “nirvana” that we all strive to attain, and yet, only a few really get to. Fake orgasms, believe it or not, are part of every woman’s sex routine. The reasons behind faking it are multiple; women, in general, take longer to orgasm than men and need more stimulation in areas apart from the vagina. Most importantly, we are falsely conditioned to believe that the main goal of sex is to please our partners (cue *gasp*), and through this mindset, we put our own pleasure second. This results in the infamous phenomenon of orgasm inequality.

70% of women in India do not orgasm every time during sex. That’s an undeniably high statistic and one that Durex India has rightfully not ignored. Instead, they used that stat to initiate a conversation for #OrgasmInequality. This conversation opened up a channel for hundreds of people from across the country voicing their opinions and sharing their point of view on this matter. Famous actress, Swara Bhasker opened up about how orgasm inequality is an important topic and must be discussed:

Furthermore, other celebs joined the bandwagon of #OrgasmInequality, with Kenny Sebastian being one of them.

In order to initiate an open conversation surrounding the topic of orgasm inequality and fake orgasms, Pooja Bedi, famous sexpert and relationship expert released a video of herself voicing her opinion. She spoke about orgasm disparity, enlightening women that it is high time we discuss this issue and that 70% is a shockingly unacceptable number. She proceeded to urge women to share their own fake orgasm stories using the hashtag #IFakedItToo in order to educate those who were fooled by the garb of fake orgasms.

Thus, inspired by Bedi, we saw an outpouring of women and men sharing the most intimate parts of their life, wishing for change.

This came in a sort of a movement, with the hashtag #IFakedItToo going viral. Aditi Mittal, the famous Indian comedienne, shared an informative video with a hilarious twist, asking women to open up about their fake orgasms.

Kaneez Surka joined as well, releasing a video of herself, stating,

My hair color is not the only thing I’ve had to fake :)

Several people all over the country started using this hashtag to express their distress:

As a response to the queries of women who used the hashtag #IFakedItToo, on June 1st, Bedi went live on Durex India’s Twitter handle where she spoke openly about fake orgasms and addressed their main concerns. But why stop just at the acknowledgment of this issue and only simply talk about it? What Durex did was to first shine a light on the problem and then take one step forward and present a solution too. *Drum roll please*

Durex proceeded to launch their new product: Mutual Climax, and honestly, it is the need of the hour.

These condoms are specifically designed to reach the end goal: men and women coming together. The condom is ribbed and dotted from the outside, providing more stimulation to the woman speeding her up, while the inside has a special orgasm delay gel, that makes him last longer. The result: mutual climax!

As women we ought to stand behind the concept of destigmatising sex, and that the more we talk about our sexual health, the better it is for us!

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*This post is in partnership with Durex India. 

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