Sonam Kapoor Supports Janhvi Kapoor Over Katrina Kaif About Her “Short Gym Shorts”

Pallavi Manoj , 03 Jun 2019
Sonam Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Katrina Kaif (Source: Instagram| @janhvikapoor and @katrinakaif)
Sonam Kapoor, Janhvi Kapoor and Katrina Kaif (Source: Instagram| @janhvikapoor, and @katrinakaif)

In the latest episode of BBFs with Vogue, Katrina Kaif and her BFF Anaita Shroff graced the couch and were candid as ever about the equation they share with each other and everything else pertaining to their lives. But one thing that Kat jokingly commented on was Janhvi Kapoor‘s short gym shorts. Kat, reportedly, said that she was concerned about the very, very short shorts Janhvi wears. In what seemed like a reply to this, Sonam Kapoor took to her Instagram stories to post a collage of pictures of Janhvi wearing denim shorts and a white crop top complimenting her younger sister.

Check it out:

Sonam Kapoor's Instagram story on Janhvi Kapoo (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)r
Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram story on Janhvi Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @sonamkapoor)

Right after Sonam put this up, the internet had erupted with claims that this was Sonam rushing to her little sister’s defence and having her back. But Sonam put a stop to all these reports and asked everyone to chill the F out. And basically clarified with a tweet that her Instagram story was an inside joke she shares with Janhvi.

Take a look:

Well… we know Sonam’s never been the one to mince her words. But we’re glad she clarified that she wasn’t really defending anyone in this matter.

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