There was an era when women were confined to just the four walls of their homes. Gone are those days – thanks to all the women who’ve fought for what’s right and conquered the world. From running a country to going to space – the fairer sex has pretty much done everything now which once seemed unthinkable for them. There are endless inspiring stories about such women who’ve shattered the ceilings.  ALTBalaji, which is owned by one of such many celebrated women – Ekta Kapoor, is making sure these stories don’t go unnoticed.

With its upcoming web series – M.O.M (Mission Over Mars), the OTT platform is all set to treat its viewers with an inspiring drama based on true events. The show is an intriguing narrative on a quartet of brilliant women scientists who chart the journey of ISA (Indian Space Agency) Mission on Mars right from inception to execution. Playing a pivotal role as one of the four women scientists is none other than Nidhi Singh.

Nidhi will be portraying the role of a genius mathematician called Neetu Singh. Neetu is a born pessimist, who believes that if there is a possibility of anything going wrong, it most probably will.

Talking about her character, Nidhi said:

It’s a real privilege to be considered worthy to be in the shoes of the character I portray, Neetu, who was written keeping in mind the genius brains behind the Mangalviman Mission. Those are some really large shoes to fill and the entire team is doing its best and giving it everything we possibly have. I can’t wait for our audience to watch the series.

She added:

I am very delighted to be back on ALTBalaji with a show like M.O.M(Mission Over Mars).

Mission Over Mars will showcase the multi-dimensional lives the women lead as wives, daughters, mothers and space scientists. The series focuses on how the four ladies decimate all obstacles, both social and scientific, to make India proud.

Now if this isn’t intriguing, we wonder what is?!

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