Exclusive: Disha Patani Shares A List Of Food Items She Eats On Her Cheat Days

Jahnavi Patel , 08 Jun 2019
Disha Patani (Source: Instagram | @dishapatani)
Disha Patani (Source: Instagram | @dishapatani)

After a hectic week at work, working out at the gym and resisting the temptation every time we see our favourite dessert, we all deserve a day’s break from the routine. This also means a break from all the diet plans we follow. For most of us, Sunday is that day and we all look forward to it. And like us, Sunday is a cheat day for Disha Patani too!

We have often spotted Disha and her alleged beau Tiger Shroff outside Bastian, a popular restaurant in Bandra. So when we recently met her for an interview, we had to ask her about her cheat day.

She said:

Oh! I can’t wait for next Sunday. It’s like my whole week goes thinking about the Sunday, literally. It depends actually, if I am shooting then I have to skip my cheat meal or maybe sometimes I just eat after my shoot. But if I am not shooting on Sunday I definitely cheat for sure.

She also shared a list of things she loves to eat on her cheat days, and let us tell you, it is no different from any of our list.

Disha shared:

I love french toast, waffles, ice cream, cookies and doughnut. I love sugar. I don’t really care about food so much because it’s okay. I don’t get to eat sugar the entire week so I go crazy over sugar. Also, I love eating Indian food- roti and paratha, gulab jamun, jalebis and all that. I eat a lot and then I am sick for the next two days. I eat so much that for the next two days I can’t walk. I fill myself up for the entire week.

How many of you do the same thing?

Apart from this, Disha Patani spoke about a number of things from Bharat, her most recent release to being a reserved person and more. You can read all of it here.

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