Diljit Dosanjh‘s obsession with American sensation Kylie Jenner is a known fact among his followers and fans. The singer-actor has often times commented on Kylie’s pictures and even tweeted to her! So, when we came across the trailer of his next Punjabi release, Shadaa, and spotted a doll in the film by the name ‘Kylie’, we were all things amused and curious to know the story behind it.

I recently met with Diljit to talk about his film and asked him about the doll named Kylie that features in the movie.

Here’s what he had to say to that:

Yeh Script Mein Nahi Tha. Yeh toh director Jagdeep Singh ka idea tha. Jab hum shoot kar rahe the, jis din woh scene ka rehearsal ho raha tha, unhone kaha ki yaar, yeh gudiya ke koi naam rakh dete hain. Aur hum soch rahe the kya naam rakhe – Sandeep, Mandeep, aisa kuchh. Unhone ekdum hi bola, nahi uska naame Kylie rakh dete hain. Toh maine kaha, accha chalo theek hai! ( It wasn’t in the script, it was the director Jagdeep Singh’s idea. The day we were shooting, when we were rehearsing for the scene, then the director named the doll. He said, let’s name this doll something. So, we were thinking Sandeep, Mandeep, etc, and then he immediately said ‘Kylie, we’ll name her Kylie” and I was like,  “Chalo Theek Hai!” )

So, Diljit got to work with Kylie after all! Apart from this, Diljit also shared that Shaada is a really hilarious film and given it is a regional film, it has a very endearing storyline. Directed by Jagdeep Singh, the film co-stars Neeru Bajwa as the female lead. We cannot wait to watch Diljit in this comedy!