It is Father’s Day on 16th June—lest it slipped your mind—and honestly, this is the one day that we get to pamper our dads. Starting from before we were born, our fathers are the unsung heroes of our lives. Father’s Day is celebrated in honour of this special bond that every father-child duo shares. And this Father’s Day, fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and father figures should duly be celebrated. On Malini’s Girl Tribe, a lot of women shared funny dad stories, which will truly make you want to sit down, call your dad and tell him how much you love him. Here are 9 of those women’s heartwarming and funny Father’s Day stories…

1. Her dad would make sure no one hears her—after making her cry!

When I was a baby, my dad would either blow air on my face or lightly pinch me. When I would start crying, he would put a small stone in one of my powder tins and start making loud noises, so that nobody would hear me crying. Whenever I think about this, it brings a smile on my face, no matter how bad the situation I currently am in.

2. That’s where she gets her math skills from.

When I was in the 3rd grade, one evening I was solving my Math homework with my mom. Like any other kid, I wanted to go down and play with my friends instead of dividing complex fractions. My mother refused to let me go down and play and insisted that I should finish my homework first. So with teary eyes, I continued doing my homework. Later, when my mom went to the kitchen to start prepping for dinner, my dad saw me crying and solving math problems. We made a deal, that he would finish the rest of my homework so that I could go down and play with my friends. After my play time was over I came back up and still got a scolding from my mom. Not because she found out that I made a secret deal with my dad, but because all the math problems were solved incorrectly. I guess now I know where I get my bad math skills from…

3. They were partners in crime when it came to stealthily eating food.

Since I am Jain, my mom prefers eating homemade food. Every ingredient is homemade, especially ghee. In order to make ghee, my mother used to store malai in the freezer, which my father absolutely loves. At night, once she would fall asleep, we would finish all the malai. When my mom would find out, she would get really angry and my father had to listen to her. We were the perfect partners in crime. I love you, Papa.

4. He pranked her and the principal at school.

When I was in the 5th grade, all my friends were getting the previous year’s exam papers as a reference for the upcoming exam. For this, we required a letter from one of our parents, so naturally, I asked my dad. He wrote it and gave it to me. And like the fool I was, I didn’t read it, trusting it would be alright. So turns out, he wrote “Please don’t give her the papers of last years. Just make her pass directly to the 9th grade”. My principal was shocked and called up my parents. After this, I vowed to never let my dad write any letters to school again. Forget the letters, I didn’t even want the exam papers anymore!

5. Forgetful dads make the best dads.

I was in 3rd or 4th grade and my mom’s birthday was coming up. I wanted to buy her a gift without her knowing, so my dad suggested that after school I meet him at the mall. Once we finished shopping, we went to the parking lot, and my father could not remember where he’d parked his car. We had to search the entire parking lot multiple times but we just could not locate the car. A good hour later, he took me to a nearby store, bought me a cold drink and suddenly, he exclaimed, “Arre haan! (Oh Yes!)”. He remembered entering the parking lot, seeing there was no space for the car and he had therefore parked it on the other side of the road. That was the last time I ever went shopping with him alone!

6. World’s best cook, alright!

My dad cooks really well. However, deciding how much to cook isn’t his forte! When I was 19 years old and living in alone, my dad came to town for a visit. I asked him to made khichdi and aloo-chokha. My father immediately set to work. A while later, he suddenly yells, “Beta, do we have another cooker? I think thoda zyada ban gaya hai‘ (I think I made too much). He went out and less than 5 minutes later, my dad was back holding 2 big cookers in his hand! I don’t know what quantity he measured, but that evening, we had 4 cookers filled with khichdi. I think I was done with a year’s quota of khichdi after that trip, and so was he. He still laughs when he remembers that time. Till date, my mom and I wonder how he manages to make food taste that yummy despite all these crazy fiascos!

7. Dad jokes FTW!

Some bank guy called my dad the other day and asked if he needs a loan. My dad said yes. The guy asked how much, and he replied, “Sky is the limit” and giggled like a kid.

8. Animal analogies are his forte.

When I had exams, every time my dad saw me not studying he would sit me down and say “Beta, we have given you a good school, tutors and everything you need. Now doing well in these exams is on you. You can take the donkey to the water but you can’t make it drink it”. And I was like are you calling me a donkey? Haha, I love you, dad.

9. I guess he wanted her to be a boy…

When I was about 4 years old, my mother used to love tying my silky hair into pigtails, and braid it. Around that time, my mom was very busy with my newborn sister, so my dad was given the responsibility of taking me to the hairdressers every few months. Each and every time we went, he would get me a bob cut, that made me look like a boy! My mom used to get furious and scold him for doing that to me. But time and again, he would bring me back from the salon looking like a boy. This stopped once I started school, but all my pictures till then were me looking so boyish! Gee, thanks dad.

Say what you want, despite all these stories, our dads love us truly and would do anything to make sure we have the best lives. They may have a tough exterior, but it takes only a little to push past that and see their soft side. Do you guys have any funny dad stories? Comment them below and I would love to read them!

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