When you were younger, you probably laughed at your dad for wearing something embarrassingly outdated. But as you turn into an adult, thanks to the maturity that comes along with age (+ the fact that most trends seem to come around eventually) it’s time to admit it that his style was pretty damn cool. Dad fashion is in again, but in an anti-fashion fashion kinda way. Take a look at the runway from spring/summer 2019 and you’ll see an emerging theme which surprisingly your dad has already sported way before fashion houses did. Just dig into your parents’ old photo albums for proof! Just focus your attention on bringing back the no-longer outdated ‘80s and ‘90s trends into your personal fits.

The key here is to start simple, take baby steps. Swap your sleek shoes for a pair of chunky dad sneakers, these have become a staple in designer collections from Gucci to Balenciaga. Once you’re confident with that, take things to the next level with looser-fitting pants, Hawaiian shirts, and more vintage styles. Read on for a break down of seven trends that have been hiding in the deepest, darkest corners of your dad’s closet.

1. Cargo Pants


Your dad probably stuffed tools like screwdrivers and pliers in his cargo pants, that doesn’t mean you’re obliged to be so handy. The abundance of pockets make these pants very practical. Style it with a long belt and you’re good to go. To balance out the baggy silhouette, try pairing it with a tight fitted top.

2. Fanny Packs

The laughed upon fanny pack has made a comeback! Dads used it to store their keys and Nokia 1100 mobile. TBH they’re extremely functional, so it just makes a lot of sense that it has made a comeback. You can wear it around not just your hips but across your chest as well and they are perf for concerts.

3. Bucket Hats

Your parents probably must have told you over a hundred times to wear sunblock and protect your skin from the sun, this time it will be easy because  of the bucket hat. Thanks to the likes of Burberry and Prada, it has become an emerging trend so expect it to stick around.

4. Hawaiian Shirt


You don’t have to be some place tropical to pull of the vacation-ready shirt. Style this multi-patterned shirt with skinny jeans, or wear it over a body-con dress for a trendy twist. You can even tie a knot and crop it.

5. Chunky Sneakers

Sleek sneakers dominated the market back in 2015. But the Balenciaga Triple S changed the entire sneaker game, they brought back the dad shoe trend, just like the Adidas by Raf Simons sneaker back in 2013. The ‘90s sports wear style is a massive hit among the masses and you can find your dad still rocking it.

6. Bermuda Shorts

Say goodbye to short shorts and hello to longer hemlines. Style these knee-length shorts with a bodysuit or fitted tank top, to create a laid back ensemble that’s made for the weekend.

7. Sport Sandals


A sartorial favourite of 2019 is the chunky footwear trend. Remember those velcro sandals your dad would get you to wear, to match him, when you were a kid, they’re back! Fila and Prada are some of the brands that brought back this funky trend. Style them with socks to make the ultimate dad look combination.

Are you inspired? Will you be stealing any of these items form your dad’s wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.

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