Why Women Everywhere Are Tired Of Hearing The M-Word

Why Women Everywhere Are Tired Of Hearing The M-Word

Pooja Maheshwary

Some days, you feel like you’re on top of the world. You have a great job, a happening social life, a close circle of friends, and maybe even some fun travel thrown in for good measure. On other days though, despite everything going well, you feel like you aren’t winning at life at all. Why? Could it be the absence of that silly ring on your finger?

Maybe. And yet ask most girls around, and the common consensus would be that these feelings of inadequacy are thrust upon them by a society that solely lives for that one ubiquitous M word—MARRIAGE. Got a new job? Congrats, but when will you get married? Oh, you learned how to make spaghetti? Great, but you can’t feed your future kids that, na. Why not make dal chawal instead! Sometimes it feels as though desi parents have kids only to get a chance to plan their weddings, lol. (I’m lol-ing but the tears are real, amigos!)

Keeping this topic in mind, the good folks at BuzzFeed recently had a little chat along with Boss Lady Malini Agarwal, as part of their GirlsFeed series to share and discuss their ever-evolving ideas on marriage. And boy, how validating to have your thoughts find resonance!

I’m very single. I thought my whole life that the one pinnacle of achievement would be to have one very nice boy locked down and have a conventional marriage by the age of 30. Then feminism happened in my life – books, thinking and independence. So now everything’s up in the air. I no longer know if it will happen, or if I want it to happen. I’m very open to it, and trying to be equally open to not getting married. It still feels like marriage is the way to win life and I’m trying to get used to the idea that maybe it won’t happen, and I still win life.

says the Founder & ex-editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed India, Rega Jha.

Check out the video below to see what went down…

GirlsFeed is Buzzfeed’s variety show discussing the struggles, joys, highs and lows of being a woman in India.

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