We all love monsoons when it’s at arm’s length from us; sipping hot cocoa while cosied-up near a window and watching our favourite Netflix show is a great way to spend the day. But sometimes this season is not the most ideal. There are places to be, things that need to get done, and most importantly they need to get done in style.

While it is tempting to leave the house in comfy PJs, we’re not so sure that it makes the best impression. So naturally, it can get confusing on how to dress for the rain. But not to worry as celebrity stylist Eshaa Amiin schools us on what to keep in our closets to look our stylish bests this monsoon!

Q: Which colours can/should one work with during the monsoons?

Since the weather is gloomy, use bright colours—neons, pinks and fresh tropical prints. They can be a mood lifter.

Q: How does one layer different pieces that are monsoon-appropriate?

Sheer taffeta or waterproof jacket… Kimono jackets in complimenting colours create fun colour blocks that you could even layer over with prints.

Q: What’s the one important style tip to keep in mind for the coming months?

Leather is a big no-no, same goes for suede—either with jackets or bags and shoes. You don’t want to ruin them, so store them in mul and keep them in a dry area to safeguard from moist. Choosing the right waterproof footwear is also important. Also, say no to woolen and heavy fabrics!

Q: Any particular kind of material one should wear?

Cotton, mul, rayons, chambray, polyester or all water-repellent fabrics like organza, taffeta etc.

Q: How can one reuse their wardrobe pieces to spruce up their look?

Pick bright colours and prints that you wouldn’t wear otherwise, and team them with your regular pieces. Opt for whites and denims if you don’t want to add a whole lot of colour on your look. Also, invest in a fun pair of coloured Wellies, and maybe throw in a transparent bag or a sling.

So, is your wardrobe monsoon-ready?

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