15 Unexpected Yoga Poses You Didn’t Know You’re Already Doing

Pooja Maheshwary , 21 Jun 2019

Yoga fail

So, you’ve always wanted to start practising yoga, but could never get to it? Don’t worry, you’ve been doing yoga without realising it! Don’t believe us? Read on to see the asanas you already know.


Calling a rickshaw

This is one of the best yoga poses to start your day with. It helps firm flabby arms. Throw your voice out from your tummy for some additional vocal toning. Auto-stopping not guaranteed.


Applying mascara

A great exercise for the eyes. Keep your hand steady. Breathe in slowly. Breathe out even slower. Really helpful if you’re looking to improve concentration. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time—the more you do it, the better you get. First-timers may experience some clump-iness, but that’s pretty normal.


Fake Laugh

A complete workout for the face. You can practice it anytime during the day. All you need is a bad joke. Perfect for those times when your colleague is trying too hard to be funny.


Scrolling through Instagram

As the name suggests, it’s a great workout for your thumbs! All you need is a phone. If you have stalker-ish skills, it’s even more beneficial. Throw in a few double-taps to mix up this yoga routine.


Queue to pee

The ‘Queue To Pee’ aasan or Q2P, is great to strengthen your pelvic floor. Be careful though, it may release more than just endorphins!


Slurping with a straw

One of the best ways to get well-defined cheekbones! This pose helps retain water in your body. Can be followed by Q2PAasan. Note: plastic straw usage could lead to bad karma.


Biting Nails

This is a perfect pose to keep your nails in shape. If you’d like to amp the sesh up, massage your temples a bit. This assan brings a glow-y look of pure stress on your face.


Taking a selfie

This set gives a complete workout to you upper body—neck, shoulders, arms, eyes, lips, cheeks and what not. We’d recommend reps of 5-10 for a good session. It can also be combined with ThumbAasan.


Head on desk

A great drill to work the neck, back and spine. It’s usually beneficial for people asked to rework a project for the 27th time! (Also helps hide tears from the rest of the world.) For maximum effect, chant some cuss words in your head.


Posing for OOTD

This posture works the hips, calves, glutes and arms. Perfect to show off new outfits! Practicing this daily could lead to compliments. Do this when you need an instant confidence boost!


Clapping for food

This yoga pose is highly useful for when people around you need constant validation. It targets all the acupuncture points on your hands, leading to basically…nothing. (Birthday cake only for representation purposes.)


Stretch Yoga

The best part about this aasan is that it can be done wherever you’re sitting. To draw maximum benefit, flex arms and legs along with your mouth. Expert tip: Make sure your boss is looking the other way first. Skip coffee to perfect this technique.


Grab a beer

Apart from the obvious stretch in your arms, this aasan works wonders on your belly. (Well hello, beer belly!) The burps that follow are only the body releasing negative energy.


Neck stretch

This yoga posture is highly beneficial for those dealing with crappy people and cringy emails. Breathe in with exasperation, and breathe out resignedly. Can be followed by counting the days to the weekend. Which brings us to… 



Apart from stretching facial and arm muscles, this assan leads to instant positive vibrations. It helps release endorphins and can be followed by post-work BeerGrabAasan. Pro tip: Involve your friends to make it a fun group activity.

Happy International Yoga Day, guys!

Aren’t you glad that you’re already doing so much yoga?!

F*ck Yes!

So which postures are you going to practice more of now? Let us know in the comments below!

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