World Music Day: 10 Fun Facts About Music You Need To Know!

Dhruvi Modi , 21 Jun 2019

Happy World Music Day, you guys! It comes as no surprise that music is a huge and integral part of all our lives. Whether it is on the way back from work, during a road trip or just when you’re feeling low, music has been there for us. A perpetual shadow in our lives, this form of art never fails to do its job and makes you feel better instantly. Reeling from heartbreak or basking in the limelight of a potential new love, music is the BFF that is always there for you. However, recently I came across some crazy fun facts about music that are indeed shocking! Here are 10 facts that you probably didn’t know about music…

1. A certain genre of music changes how ‘generous’ people feel.

Compared to those who listened to music they disliked, people who listened to ‘chill’ music were more likely to be generous in a scientific experiment conducted. A 2014 study reports that they were generally happier as well!

2. Music makes your brain feel better.

Whilst listening to music, your brain releases a happiness hormone called Dopamine. In its entirety, Dopamine lifts your spirits and simulates similar reactions to positive experiences such as eating, making love, and more.

3. Listening to music boosts your immunity and makes you less anxious.

Often used as a tool to cope with mental health issues, music can be a sweet release for a lot of people. Pleasurable, relaxing music calms your mind and makes you feel better, in general.

4. Singing in a group makes you feel good.

Studies show that singing along with other people soothes you, and makes your body release feel-good hormones. You feel physically and mentally charged after a session of jamming with your friends!

5. Music can make your workout session more productive.

Research has shown that listening to uplifting and motivating musical tracks correlates directly with a heightened physical performance during exercise. Now, that is something, I so need!

6. Music helps plants grow faster.

No, I am not kidding when I say that plants have genes that enable them to ‘hear’. A South Korean study proved that crops grew faster when exposed to music. If like me you also don’t have a green thumb, it is time to give this a try!

7. Music students tend to score higher on tests than others.

In studies conducted, students with musical tendencies scored better on their SAT exams than those who did not by a whopping 63 points. Time to start learning an instrument, no?

8. Loud music makes you drink more in less time.

Ever wondered why bars have obscenely loud music, where you and your friends can barely hear each other? Well, lemme break it to ya. The louder the music, the faster you tend to down your drink.

9. Listening to music utilises the entire brain.

You heard me right! Researchers found that all parts of your brain work together while listening to music. How cool is that?

10. Music helps you study better.

If you’re like me, you know that music is your saviour when it comes to studying. Listening to music whilst trying to memorise something works way better than if you try in complete silence. Music motivates you to learn better.

So, happy world music day! Here are 10 fun facts about music that are certainly eye-opening! Do you know any others? Let us know in the comments.

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