We are all hit with the Monday blues every week, but right this morning, we were treated to this one happy photo of Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan in London all thanks to designer Mayyur Girotra. There’s nothing that a happy stunning photo can’t fix, right?

Here’s the photo that we’re talking about:

We loved this photo so we decided to get in touch with the designer to know the story behind it. Despite being in London, he replied to us within minutes and told us about his meeting with the stars.

He said:

I was chit-chatting with Lolo (Karisma). I’ve dressed her a couple of times. She was even there for my Mumbai store launch. I have dressed her up for a few of her other events. She has worn my outfits a couple of times. We were chit chatting and then we clicked this photo.

He added:

It was in Mayfair Park. They were all chilling together. Saif was playing with Taimur (Ali Khan). We then clicked this photo, just for the memory.

Though Mayyur is not a picture person at all, this photo had to be taken as a memory. “We stood together and one of their helps clicked this picture for us,” he shared.

We’re glad this photo was clicked! We also got our hands on this video of Saif and Taimur in London.

Check it out:

So cute, no? We cannot get enough of this absolutely amazing Nawab family and their London vacay!