Sunny Leone Will Be Opening A School For Toddlers

Pallavi Manoj , 24 Jun 2019
Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber and Nisha Kaur Weber
Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber and Nisha Kaur Weber (Source: Instagram | @sunnyleone)

Sunny Leone — actress, ace dancer, and businesswoman, is all set to add another feather to her cap. Along with her husband Daniel Weber, she will be opening a school for toddlers. While she’s currently shooting for films and busy marketing her new cosmetic line, Sunny is planning to up her entrepreneurial game by opening a new branch of D’Art Fusion which is an art school for toddlers.

A source close to the actress revealed that:

Sunny has always been fond of kids and herself being a mother of 3 children, she understand how important the beginning years are for a child’s overall development. She has put a lot of time an effort in this school and she herself sat down and decided on the different features, amenities, interiors, etc for the school. The school is like a dream come true for Sunny and Daniel.

Turns out the new school will not only be an art school but will also be a play zone where children can experiment with art and have fun while doing it too.

Speaking about the development, Daniel revealed:

Nisha used to go to the other branch of D’Art Fusion and rave about how much she liked the school and that is when we met Sanjana Asher Kamdar, the owner of that branch and decided to open another branch in the heart of Juhu.

Sunny has a clear vision of what she wants to do with this branch of the school as well.

Our vision is to combine creativity and leisure along with overall development of the brain and body. We don’t want to confine the children in books and want them to explore themselves as well as the world around them. I want the children to have fun.

You go, girl! We’re proud to see Sunny take up initiatives like this.

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