Here’s Why We Sweat Instantly After Applying A Face Cream

Here’s Why We Sweat Instantly After Applying A Face Cream

Rashmi Bhosale

I have always wondered why I sweat so instantly once I apply moisturiser or even sunscreen for that matter. But this year the sweating reached its peak during summer and I started second guessing myself. Maybe it’s just me who sweats like a pig? Maybe there is something wrong with my skin? But like a good girl, instead of jumping to a conclusion, I got a dermat’s recommendation. I took my doubts to dermatologist Dr. Jaishree Sharad, and she explained to me the different reasons why your body experiences this dilemma.

Q. What’s the biological reason for sweating instantly after applying a face cream (moisturiser or sunscreen)?

When you apply a cream, whether it’s a moisturiser or a sunscreen, and if you sweat that means you have oily skin. Your oil glands are more active, so they get clogged and become over-active. Secondly, the product that you are using, it may be comedogenic. It may have certain ingredients which are clogging the pores, so then that increases the sweating. Thirdly, if it is a hot, humid weather, and you apply a cream you can also sweat.

Q. Is there a particular season where the intensity of sweating increases?

The intensity of sweating is more when you are stressed because there are certain hormones which are released, and they send signals to the sweat glands to secrete more sweat. Secondly, if the environment is really hot and humid, again, there will be excessive sweating. Lastly, some people have more sweat glands than the others, and so they sweat more.

Q. Is it very common in India?

It is common in all tropical, hot and humid areas. So, it need not be (just) India, it can be any place which is hot and humid.

Q. What can we do to prevent/reduce it?

You can’t really do anything to reduce sweating. You can use an anti-fungal or a dusting powder on all the body folds, and you can avoid using creams which are very thick and have a lot of urea or mineral oil, and if they are clogging the pores then they have squalene in them. You can use thermal water mist as often as possible.

This information was an eye-opener. Though there are no direct ways in which we can combat this situation but small things like moisturising while standing in front of a fan or switching to water-based face creams can help in reducing it. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other solution to this problem.

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